Fondant Iced Cookies

Roll and Cut Fondant

Attach Fondant to Cookie

Attach Fondant Accents

The flexibility of fondant allows for a variety of textures and unique finishes while providing a sweet flavor to cookies.

  • rolled fondant
  • rolling pins
  • perfection strips or rolling pin with rings
  • silicone mat
  • food color
  • buttercream icing or piping gel
  • spatula

Bake and cool cookies.  Set aside.  Color fondant with food coloring if desired.  Place fondant on a silicone mat or surface dusted with powdered sugar (make sure surface is very clean).  Roll fondant between perfection strips or a rolling pin with rings.  Cut out fondant piece with the same cookie cutter used in baking.  Spread buttercream icing or piping gel on the baked and cooled cookie and attach cut-out piece.

To accent with molded fondant pieces – lightly spray mold with a cooking spray.  Wipe any excess spray.  Fill the mold with fondant.  Push additional fondant onto fondant in mold and pull out.  Attach to cookie with piping gel.