Run Sugar Icing Recipe

Run Sugar Iced Cookie

Run sugar icing is the classic cookie icing. It is a smooth textured icing that forms a very hard crust. It is made by taking royal icing at it’s fluffiest form and adding water to make it flow. When it dries, you can stack the cookies. The icing will dry very hard in 24 hours. The icing has a simple, flavor with some crunch.

First, mix-up royal icing (use this recipe or follow instructions on the commercial royal icing)- In small mixing bowl, combine water, meringue powder and cream of tarter. Beat until stiff peaks form. In separate bowl, combine powdered sugar and gum arabic. Mix thouroughly, then add to meringue. Beat on low, then medium speed until stiff peaks form. After the royal icing has been mixed, Divide the mixture into several small containers and cover with wet towel. Add a small amount of water to each batch until it us just barely fluid, NOT watery. Test consistency by dropping a small amount from spoon onto waxed paper. It should smooth itself in about 10 seconds. If it runs too much, add more powdered sugar. If it is too thick, add a bit more water. Remember: keep this icing covered when you are not using it. It dries out quickly.