Two-Toned Molded Cookie Dough

Two-Toned Molded Cookie Dough

The contrasting colors of cookie dough can make an impressive cookie without any icing.

  • Cookie dough (must hold it’s shape when baked)
  • Cookie Mold
  • Cooking Spray
  • Flour
  • Flour Shaker

Mix up at least two colors of cookie dough. You can color sugar cookie dough with food color, or mix a variety of flavors of cookie doughs that stay a constant thickness when baked. (Any of the cookie dough recipes on this web page bake well together when wanting to achieve different colors.) Press a small amount of dough into the cavity of the mold that you want colored differently. Gently press the other color on top of the first color. Follow instructions for molding using one of the three types of molds.