Buttercream Iced Cookies

Buttercream, a delicious sweet icing, may be spread on a cookie or put into a pastry bag with tips and piped on the cookie to achieve a variety of textures.


Tips and Coupler

Spreading and Piping Buttercream

  • buttercream icing
  • spatula
  • food color
  • tips
  • coupler
  • pastry bags

Make buttercream icing or use commercial buttercream icing.  Add coloring if desired.  Put icing in a bag with a tip attached; you can use a disposable bag, reusable bag, or parchment bag.  Using a coupler will allow the changing of tips without your making another bag filled with the same color.  Spread buttercream on the cookie with a spatula, or pipe designs using the pastry bags and tips.  Hold the bags at a 45′ or 90′ for most tips.  Various angles will give different appearances.

Common tips and their uses:

  • tip #233 (grass tip) is used for fur, grass, and tree branches.
  • tips #15, #16,#17, #18, #19, #20, #21 (star tips) are used for flowers and for filling.
  • tip #350 (leaf tip) is used for leaves and petals.
  • tips #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 (round tips) are used for writing and fine details.
  • tip #6 (round tip) is used for figure piping.
  • tip #44 is used for basketweave and flat ribbons.