Leopard Print Lady Cookies

Leopard Print Lady Cookies

These sweet treats are decorated using chocolate transfer sheets.

  • shoe cutter
  • purse cutter
  • pink candy coating
  • dark chocolate candy coating
  • leopard print chocolate transfer sheet
  • parchment cones with small hole cut at the tip

Bake and cool cookies. Melt pink and dark chocolate candy coating. Make a parchment cone and pour the melted candy coating in the cone. To keep the candy fluid, keep filled cones in a heating pad when not in use. Cut transfer sheet slightly larger than area to be covered with design. With melted candy from cone, pipe pink candy where the leopard design will be. Gently tap to smooth. Immediatley place transfer sheet on, textured side down. Allow several minutes to set. Peel back transfer sheet. Pipe remaining design with melted candy coating.