Milkshake and Candy Cookies

Milkshake and Candy Cookies

These sweet treats are decorated using chocolate transfer sheets.

  • candy cutter
  • milkshake cutter
  • white chocolate candy coating
  • tan chocolate candy coating
  • blue chocolate candy coating
  • parchment cones with a small hole cut
  • chocolate transfer sheet- Candy Cane
  • chocolate transfer sheet- Bubbles

Bake and cool cookies. Cut transfer sheet, large enough to fit cookie. (You do not need to cut exact shapes, just rectangles large enough to fit the cookie.) Melt candy coating. Pour into a cone. Pipe outline on area to be covered and immediately fill in outline. Place chocolate transfer sheet, textured side down, on just-covered cookie. Keep candy coating in cones fluid by placing in a heating pad when not in use. Allow to set completely. Peel of transfer sheet. Pipe adjoining color and any accents.