Chocolate Coated Valentine’s Day Cookies

Chocolate Coated Valentine's Day Cookies

Candy coating makes a deliciously sweet icing for your special valentine!

  • Wilton Hearts Cookie Cutter Set
  • White Candy Coating
  • Red Candy Coating
  • Pink Candy Coating
  • Parchment triangles
  • Pink, red and white sanding sugar

Bake and cool heart cookies. Melt each color of candy coating in separate bowls. Make parchment cones and spoon the melted candy coating into the cones. Outline and fill each cookie with the melted candy coating. Sprinkle on sanding sugar while the chocolate is still wet if desired. Allow to set. Pipe details on each cookie with details with a very fine hole cut from a parchment cone. Keep parchment cones filled with candy coating in a heating pad when not using to keep them fluid.