Pastel Easter Egg Cookies with Swirls

Pastel Easter Egg Cookies with Swirls

  •     wedding cake cookie cutter texture set
  •     4″ egg cookie cutter
  •     pink fondant
  •     green fondant
  •     blue fondant
  •     yellow fondant
  •     pink royal icing
  •     green royal icing
  •     pearl spray
  •     parchment cone or a pastry bag with a #1 tip
  •     flower blossom plunger cutter set
  •     primrose cutter

Roll one color of fondant to approximately 1/8″. Cut fondant with egg cookie cutter. Attach to a baked and cool egg cookie with piping gel or a thin layer of buttercream. Lightly spray swirl cake mat from wedding cake cookie cutter texture set. Wipe off excess with a paper towel. Roll a different color fondant to approximately 1/8″ thickness. Place texture mat on fondant. Firmly roll over the mat. Remove mat. Cut with egg cutter. Use knife or pastry wheel to cut two wavy lines through the center of the egg to make a wavy strip. Attach to cookie with small amount of piping gel. Use pink royal icing, thinned with a bit of water, to pipe dots along both edges of the wavy stripe. Use green royal icing, thinned with a bit of water, to pipe graduated dots on the non-textured part of the cookie. Roll pink and blue fondant very thin and cut a variety of small flowers using flower cutters. Make two layer flowers by attaching a smaller flower inside a larger one of the opposite color with a dot of royal icing. Attach flowers to cookie with royal icing. Make a variety of cookies by changing the background and the wavy stripe colors.