Flower Fun Bikini Cookies

Flower Fun Bikini Cookies

  •     bikini cookies
  •     buttercream icing
  •     rolled fondant
  •     royal icing
  •     green coloring
  •     pink coloring
  •     purple coloring
  •     flower fun texture sheet
  •     wavy edge pastry cutter

Use a sugar cookie dough that doesn’t spread to bake cookies. Roll out each color of fondant and impress with flower fun texture sheet. Use the same cookie cutter used for baking to cut out the piece of fondant. Attach to cookie by spreading a thin layer of buttercream. For green bikini cut off top edge of bottoms and middle of top before attaching. Cut out purple fondant to replace mini parts. For purple bikini cut strips of pink fondant using wavy edge pastry cutter and attach by brushing water on fondant. For pink bikini hand mold bows. Add water to prepared royal icing until it smoothes itself in about 7 seconds. Mix icing in matching colors and pipe coordinating stitching on edge of bikinis.