Pastel Wavy Dot Easter Eggs

Pastel Wavy Dot Easter Eggs

  •     egg cookies
  •     buttercream icing
  •     rolled fondant
  •     blue coloring
  •     purple coloring
  •     green coloring
  •     orange coloring
  •     wavy dots texture sheet

Mix 3 shades of each color of fondant. Roll out lightest color and impress with wavy dots texture sheet. Use the same cookie cutter the cookies were baked with to cut the fondant. Attach to fondant by applying a thin layer of buttercream to cookie. Roll out medium shade of fondant and impress with wavy dots texture sheet. Cut out with cookie cutter in same place of pattern as first lighter shade. Use pastry cutter to cut out raised strips. Attach raised strips to cookies in appropriate place by brushing small amount of water on fondant. Roll darkest shade of fondant into small balls and place on appropriate spots on cookie. Finish cookie by piping small dots of white buttercream around edge of cookie and on both sides of raised lines.