With Love from Paris Cookies

With Love from Paris Cookies

  •     Heart cookie cutter
  •     Purse cookie cutter
  •     Poodle cookie cutter
  •     Eiffel tower cookie cutter
  •     Fleur de lis cookie cutter
  •     light pink fondant
  •     dry felt stamp pad
  •     pink airbrush color
  •     black royal icing

Bake and cool cookies. Roll fondant thin and texture with the damask scroll texture mat. Cut out heart, purse, fleur de lis, and Eiffel tower shapes. Attach to cookie with piping gel. Saturate the stamp pad with pink airbrush color. Use a brayer and roll over stamp pad, and then over textured cookies. Roll pink fondant thin and cut out another heart and poodle shape. Cut out thin, small pieces for the fuzzy accent part of the poodle. Texture poodle accents with a #14 tip. Cut out a small piece for the poodles ears. Attach to cookie with piping gel. Brush luster dust over all the cookies. Use a food color pen to write “Paris” on one of the hearts. Add details with black royal icing.