Cowgirl Cookies

Cowgirl Cookies

  • cowboy hat cutter
  • horseshoe cutter
  • guitar cutter
  • cowboy boot cutter
  • daisy flower cutter
  • horse head cutter
  • run sugar icing
  • pink, turquoise, black and brown food coloring
  • silver luster dust

Bake and cool all cookies.  Mix two shades of pink, turquoise and brown.  Fill parchment cones with each color and cut small hole in tip of bag.  Outline and fill in horseshoes, hat, horse head and flowers.  Outline and fill in pink part of boots and light turquoise part of guitar.  Let those parts set completely.  Pipe adjoining brown parts of boots and guitar.  Pipe remaining details on all cookies.  Always let one color set completely before piping an adjoining color.  Use white run sugar to pipe spurs on boots.  After that has completely set paint with silver lust dust mixed with lemon oil.


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