Owl Cookies

LSAC-S2C20-017Supplies used:
Easter egg cookie cutter
Round cookie cutter
ivory food color
orange food color
leaf green food color
gold food color
brown food color
burgundy food color
black food color
Icing required: Prepare run sugar in black and white. Prepare run sugar icing and royal icing in the following colors: ivory, dark ivory, brown, dark brown (brown and black food color mixed), green, burgundy, gold, orange, light orange.

Special Baking Instructions:
The owl was made by cutting an easter egg shape, then using a round cutter to take the top of the egg off for the owl’s ears.

Outline and fill the owl with desired color of run sugar icing. Allow to set completely. Pipe eyes using white run sugar icing. Immediately add dots with black run sugar. Pipe beak with orange run sugar icing. Add feathers using royal icing the same color used for the body.

This project was taken from my book “The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating”.

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