Baby Girl Christening Cookies

sample-2012cross-006Supplies used:
dress cookie cutter
oval cookie cutter
run sugar icing
pink food coloring
tip #00
tiny design silicone mold
Italian cross silicone mold
parchment triangles
white rolled fondant

Color some of the run sugar icing pink. Fill parchment bags having medium-sized openings with white and pink icing. Be sure to cover openings with a damp cloth so not to dry out the icing. Outline cookies then fill in with icing. For oval cookie, leave 1/8″ around the diameter of the icing. Allow cookies to harden. Mold bows and cross using white rolled fondant. Fit parchment bag with tip #00, and fill with white icing. Outline the dress and give it details like lace around the neck, sleeves, and bottom, dots on the bodice, and ruffle indentations. Attach fondant bow to the waistline with a dab of icing. Fit another parchment bag with tip #00 and fill with pink icing. Make lace around the edge of hardened icing. Attach cross to cookie with a dab of icing.