Christmas Light Cookies

LSAC-S2C20-019Supplies used:
light bulb cookie cutter
red food color
yellow food color
leaf green food color
emerald green food color
sky blue blue food color
electric purple food color
black food color
green licorice laces
Icing required: Prepare run sugar in black, white, red, yellow, leaf green, emerald green, blue, and purple.

Special Baking Instructions:
Cut two holes at the top of the light bulb before baking.

Outline the light bulb with black run sugar icing. Allow the outlines to fill. Fill in the base of the light bulb with emerald green run sugar, taking care not to fill in the holes. Fill in the bulb with run sugar icing in the desired color. Immediately add the reflection spot using white run sugar. Allow the bulb to set several hours or overnight. String the bulbs together using green licorice laces.

This project was taken from my book “The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating”.

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