Duck Bouquet

LSAC-S3C30-002Supplies used:
duck cookie cutter
yellow food color
orange food color
turquoise food color
brown food color
tip #2A
tip #10
tip #3
white pearl gumballs
Icing required: Prepare buttercream icing in orange and yellow.

Decorating Instructions:
Pipe the head using tip #2A. Pipe the body using tip #2A. Pipe the wing using tip #2A. Pipe the beak using orange buttercream and tip #10. Add the eye with brown buttercream dot using tip #3. Allow the ducks several hours or overnight to crust. When the ducks have firmed, arrange in a container filled with candy clay or styrofoam, taking care not to bump other ducks. Hide the candy clay or styrofoam using white pearl gumballs.

This project was taken from my book “The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating”.

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