Little Monster Cookies

sample-2012monster-003Supplies used:
daisy cookie cutter
pot o’ gold cookie cutter
tiara cookie cutter
run sugar icing
electric blue food coloring
electric green food coloring
electric pink food coloring
electric orange food coloring
black food coloring
parchment triangles

Special baking instructions:
Using the suggested cutters above, reshape cutter by stretching either up-n-down or left-to-right. The daisy cutter will be used as is. The pot of gold cutter will need to be stretched up-n-down to make thinner; then once cookie dough is cut, use a sharp knife or pastry wheel to round off the top. The tiara will need to be stretched up-n-down. Once cookie dough is cut, use a sharp knife or pastry wheet to round of both right and left edge of cutter.

Color run sugar and place colored icing in parchment bags using small decorating tips or making the bags with small holes in the ends. Remember to keep open ends of the bags under a damp cloth to avoid icing from drying out. Use the black icing to outline the edges of cookies as well as eyes, teeth and appendage details. Once black icing has set, use other colors to fill-in.