Bunny Cookies

LSAC-S3C30-020Supplies needed:
bunny cookie cutter
mini heart cutter
mini leaf cutter
white rolled fondant
brown rolled fondant
lime rolled fondant
yellow rolled fondant
light blue rolled fondant
dot edible frosting sheet
tip #18

Cut the rolled fondant piece with the bunny cutter used in baking. Immediately cut out a heart and the inside of the ear using the mini leaf cutter. Cut off the bunny tail. Attach the fondant piece to the cookie. Insert a ball tool to emboss an indentation for the eye. Using a paring knife, cut a “V” shape to create eyelashes. Add a dot of piping gel for the eye. Roll a small ball of brown rolled fondant. Insert the small ball of brown rolled fondant into the indented eye cavity. Add the dot edible frosting sheet to white rolled fondant. Cut the inside of the ears and the heart using the same cutters that were used on the bunny. Attach patterned fondant to the bunnies with piping gel. Form a cone of white rolled fondant. Attach to the cookie for the tail with piping gel. Texture the bunny tail using tip #18.

This project was taken from my book “The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating”.

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