Birthday Party Hat Cookies

Birthday Party Hat Cookies

Birthday Party Hat Cookies

Supplies used:

Autumn Carpenter’s Birthday Cutie Cupcake Cutter Set
white rolled fondant
light blue rolled fondant
dark pink rolled fondant
light pink rolled fondant
lime green rolled fondant
perfection strips
3 ½” round cookie cutter
2 ¾” fluted cookie cutter
sharp paring knife
flexible poly blade
piping gel
pastry brush
small paint brush


Roll light blue and white fondant using black perfection strips. Cut light blue fondant using the same cutter used to cut the cookies. Cut white fondant with fluted cutter and attach piece to cookie brushed with piping gel. Use fluted cutter to cut the center of the light blue circle and place around the edge of the white fluted piece; matching the cuts correctly.
Roll all colors of fondant very thin. Use party hat cutter to cut light pink, dark pink and lime green hats. Using poly blade, cut away hat brims and tops. Attach mismatched pieces to center of cookies using piping gel. Decorate hats using stripes cut from different colors or use tiny circle cutter to make contrasting color polka dots.