Dusting Powder Paint

Dusting Powder Paint

Molded cookies that have been painted with dusting powders have an elegant look. These powders can be brushed on dry for a subtle sheen, or made into a paint by added lemon oil or white spirits. There is a variety of dusting powders available. Luster, Pearl and Sparkle dusts have a beautiful shimmer. Petal dusts have a matte finish and are not ideal for this type of decorating. Although non-toxic, some dusts are not FDA-approved but may be used for decorative purposes.

  • dusting powders
  • lemon oil or white spirits
  • brushes

Bake and cool molded cookies. Put a small amount of dusting powder into a paint tray. Add a few drops of lemon oil or white spirits to the powder. Add just enough to make the powder a liquid. Too much liquid will not paint well. Using a fine brush, paint the detail.