Graduation Cap Cookies

Graduation Cap Cookies

Graduation Cap Cookies

Supplies used:

Autumn Carpenter’s Graduation Cutie Cupcake Cutter Set
white rolled fondant
red rolled fondant
black rolled fondant
sharp paring knife
flexible poly blade
3 ½” fluted square cookie cutter
3 ¼” square cookie cutter
pastry brush
piping gel
tip #1
white royal icing
pastry bag
perfection strips


Roll black and white fondant using black perfection strips. Cut black fluted squares using the cutter used to bake cookies. Cut white squares with the 3 ¼” square cutter. Using the 3 ¼” square cutter, carefully cut the center of the black squares and removing the center piece. Brush the edges of the cut white squares with piping gel and lay the outer black fluted piece along the edge. Brush top of cookie with piping gel and lay attached piece on top of cookie.
Roll red fondant very thin. Cut two graduation caps. Attach one whole cap to the center of cookie with piping gel. Use poly blade to make a diagonal cut on the other cap to make just the mortar board. Attach mortar board to whole cap already on cookie with piping gel. Roll black fondant very thin and free-hand cut a tassle. Roll a tiny piece of black fondant into a ball and attach ball and tassle to top of cap.

Using a pastry bag fitted with tip #1 and filled with white royal icing, pipe the outer edge of the cookie.

Graduation Cookies

sample-2012ethangradl-002Supplies used:
graduation cap cookie cutter
diploma cookie cutter
pastry wheel
run sugar icing
royal blue food coloring
green food coloring
black food coloring
dark blue rolled fondant
green rolled fondant
brown rolled fondant
light blue rolled fondant
piping gel
parchment triangles
funky letter cutters

Special baking instructions: Use pastry wheel to cut trapezoid shape cookies.

Color run sugar icing and place in parchment bags with small openings at the end. Be sure to cover openings so as not to dry the icing out. Ice cookies and allow to dry. Outline details using run sugar icing. Roll fondant very thin and use number cutters to cut-out letters. Attach to cookies using piping gel.

Graduation Cookies


Supplies used:
graduation hat cookie cutter
star cookie cutters
diploma cutter
electric purple food color
electric green food color
black food color
tip #1
Icing Required: Prepare run sugar icing in the following colors: light purple, dark purple, light green, dark green, white, and black. Prepare royal icing in dark purple and dark green.

Graduation Hat Cookies: Outline the hat cookies with black run sugar icing. Allow the outline to dry. Fill in the outline with light purple or light green run sugar icing. Allow to set completely. Pipe the strings with dark purple or dark green royal icing in a pastry bag fitted with a #1 tip.
Stars: Outline the stars with black run sugar icing. Allow the outline to set. Fill in the outline with purple or green run sugar. Immediately marbleize or add contrasting colors of dots.
Diplomas: Outline the diploma and bow with black run sugar icing. Allow the outline to set. Fill in the diploma with white run sugar. Fill in the bow with purple or green run sugar icing.

This project was taken from my book “The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating”.

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