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3-D Coffin Cookies filled with mini Halloween Cookies



Supplies used:

3-D coffin cookie cutter

Halloween mini cutter set
mini dog bone cutter
mini hand cutter
mini dove cutter
royal icing
black rolled fondant
brown rolled fondant
ivory rolled fondant
white rolled fondant
snap together letter embossers
chocolate brown dusting powder
deep brown dusting powder
wood grain texture mat
two-in-one tool
black non-pariels
piping gel
silver dusting powder
key silicone mold
rose mold
tip #1.5
paring knife
grain alcohol


Roll cookie dough. Cut the coffin cookies, using the coffin cutter. You will need two sets from the cutter. Cut the bones, ghost, hands, crows, and bats. Bake and cool the cookies. Assemble the coffins using royal icing. Allow the 3-D coffin to dry overnight. Knead and soften fondant for the coffin. Roll the fondant. Texture the fondant with the wood grain texture mat. Brush piping gel on the coffin lid. Cover the lid with the textured fondant. Use the polyblade to trim around the fondant-covered coffin lid. Roll a strip of fondant. Texture with the wood grain texture mat. Cut the strip the height of the sides of the coffin cookie. Brush piping gel around the side of the cookie. Place the strip around the side of the coffin. Add additional dimension on the coffin lid and the side of the coffin using the polyblade to add deeper cuts. Add nail holes using the two in one tool. Cut small pieces to resemble wood pieces. Emboss “Keep Out” on the wood pieces using the letter embossers. Cut a small square of grey fondant and emboss “Open if you dare” using the letter embossers. Paint the square with silver dust mixed with grain alcohol. Mold the top part of the key using black fondant. Paint the key plaque with silver dust mixed with grain alcohol. Emboss “RIP” on the key plaque using the letter embossers. Mold the rose and attach using piping gel. Attach the coffin lid accents using piping gel. Pipe the stem using royal icing and tip #1.5. Pipe a spider web using black royal icing and tip #1.5.

Cover the mini cookies with rolled fondant. Emboss the hands using the two in one tool. Emboss the bat using a paring knife. Use non-pariels for the eyes on the bat, ghost, and crow, attaching with piping gel.





Vampire Cookies

Vampire Cookies


  • vampire cookie cutter set
  • run sugar icing
  • small amount of fondant
  • rose bud candy mold
  • red piping gel
  • black food color
  • red food color

Using cookie cutter set, bake cookies. Divide icing and make colors. Outline cookies in black icing then fill-in with colors desired. Add details where necessary using icing or piping gel or molded fondant.