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Bright School of Fish

Bright School of Fish Cookies

These cookies were done in a matter of minutes! Texture sheets apply professional-looking designs quickly.

  • fish cutter
  • bright colors of rolled fondant
  • perfection strips
  • Country Kitchen texture sheet-Wavy Dots
  • piping gel
  • various bright shades of luster dusts

Bake and cool cookies. Roll fondant between medium size perfection strips. Place texture sheet on the counter, raised side down. Put the already-rolled fondant on top of the texture sheet. Roll over the fondant starting on one side and rolling over-ONE TIME- to the other. Do not roll back and forth or a duplicated design will show. Flip texture sheet with fondant over and peel back texture sheet. Use the same cutter used in baking to cut out the fish shape. Attach to the cookie with piping gel.