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Painted Christmas Cookies

LSAC-S2C20-023Supplies used:
Santa face cookie stamp
reindeer cookie stamp
poinsettia hard candy/cookie mold
red food color
yellow food color
brown food color
sky blue food color
black food color
Icing required: Prepare egg wash glaze.

Brush the baked and cooled cookies with egg wash glaze. Allow the glaze to dry. Paint the cookies with food colored thinned with water. Allow to dry. Outline the details with black food color using a fine brush.

This project was taken from my book “The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating”.

Print a copy of this project.


Painted Run Sugar

White Run Sugar Glaze

Paint Background Color

Paint Fine Details

Food Markers

Create beautiful, edible works of art by using a white run sugar-glazed cookie for a blank canvas.  This icing will not add much sweetness and will dry very hard within 24 hours.

  • run sugar icing
  • water brush or food color pens
  • liquid food color

Allow the run sugar glaze to dry completely (approximately 24 hours).  Fill the waterbrush with liquid color and paint or use the food color pens to finish your cookies.  Note:  Food color pens are another time-saving technique for this icing.  Although the pens do not allow for shading or fine details, they are a quick and easy alternative to painting and an ideal method for children.

Dusting Powder Paint

Dusting Powder Paint

Molded cookies that have been painted with dusting powders have an elegant look. These powders can be brushed on dry for a subtle sheen, or made into a paint by added lemon oil or white spirits. There is a variety of dusting powders available. Luster, Pearl and Sparkle dusts have a beautiful shimmer. Petal dusts have a matte finish and are not ideal for this type of decorating. Although non-toxic, some dusts are not FDA-approved but may be used for decorative purposes.

  • dusting powders
  • lemon oil or white spirits
  • brushes

Bake and cool molded cookies. Put a small amount of dusting powder into a paint tray. Add a few drops of lemon oil or white spirits to the powder. Add just enough to make the powder a liquid. Too much liquid will not paint well. Using a fine brush, paint the detail.

Watercolor Decorating

Run Sugar Icing

Paint with Thinned Color

Paint with Concentrated Color

Create beautiful works of art by using a white run-sugar glazed cookie for a blank canvas. Use the run sugar recipe and ice your cookies 24 hours in advance.

Remember: keep this icing covered when you are not using it. It dries out quickly. Place the icing in a bag with a tip #3 or #4. Outline the area to be covered. Quickly fill in the outline. If the icing is running off the cookie, too much water was added to the royal icing. If the icing is not smooth, add a bit more water to the royal icing. Allow the white glazed cookie to dry several hours (overnight is ideal). Thin food color with water to create an edible watercolor paint. Using a paint brush, paint the white iced cookie leaving a thin white line between colors to prevent colors from bleeding. Allow to dry. Use concentrated food color (water has not been added) to draw details and outline.