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Flocked Roses and Leaves

LSAC-S3C30-018Supplies used:
round cookie cutter
leaf cookie cutter
electric pink food color
electric green food color
white sanding sugar
Icing required: Prepare run sugar icing in the following colors: light pink, pink, dark pink, green.

Custom color the sugars to coordinate with the four colors of run sugar. Outline and fill the cookies with run sugar. Allow the iced cookie to set completely. When the background color is completely set, pipe the details of the cookies with run sugar. Immediately sprinkle with sanding sugar to flock.

This project was taken from my book “The Complete Photo Guide to Cookie Decorating”.

Print a copy of this project.

Tea for Mom

Tea for Mom

A teapot by Mary Engelbreit was the inspiration for these cookies. When completed, the cookies were made into a bouquet using the teapot as the vase.

  • mom cutter (or wow)
  • teacup cutter
  • food colors- yellow, red, blue, green
  • pastry bag and #2 tip or parchment cones

Bake and cool cookies. Outline and fill the cookies with colored run sugar. Allow to set for a bit. Pipe accents with contrasting colors.